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Linda Schneiter is our volunteer of the month for April. Recently, we honored Linda as our Volunteer of the Year at our Youth of the Year celebration. Mrs. Linda was drawn to volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills because she loves working with children. She recognizes that our Club members are always our focus, citing that as our biggest strength. When asked how she has personally benefited from being a volunteer here, she stated “truly, the children give back to me more than I give to them. Their encouragement to learn is unbelievable. Their smiles, their hugs, and their kind words are fantastic!” If she were trying to convince a friend to volunteer here, she says she would encourage them to stop by and see how our Club works, as it is a great place to spend time for the children as well as the adults. Thank you Mrs. Linda for all that you do for our Club members. We are so grateful to have you!!