The Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills implements our core programs for our members throughout the school year. These programs are designed to provide members with strategies and skills to help them make healthy decisions. From games and athletics to drug prevention workshops, Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills offers young people a range of fun and productive activities.

We have a lineup of tested and proven, nationally recognized programs that address today’s most pressing youth development issues.

These Core Program areas teach young people the skills they need to succeed. All programming at the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills relates to one of these five core areas:

Character & Leadership Development

Health & Life Skills

Education & Career Development

The Arts

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Here are some of our current programs:


These programs are geared to teaching young men and women about self-esteem, personal hygiene and the emotional and physical changes that occur as they mature.


These programs are targeted toward how to deal with peer pressure and strategies in saying no to those things that can harm their body and mind and promoting members to live a healthy lifestyle by healthy eating and the importance of physical activity.