Sponsor a Child BGCS

The Sponsor A Child Program is one of the most enriching ways to donate to the Club. By choosing to Sponsor A Child, the donor immediately impacts the life of a Club member by providing the opportunity to be a part of the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills, a safe, positive place for kids.


The cost to Sponsor A Child for the school year is $979.97, which can be donated upfront or in monthly installments of $82 per month for one year. To Sponsor A Child for the school year AND summer program, the cost is $1,179.97 or $98 per month. By Sponsoring A Child, you are providing a hot meal (in some situations the only meal the child will receive all day), access to tutoring and help with homework, a fun place for the child to spend time after school as an alternative to the lure of drugs and gangs, and so much more!


In exchange, you will receive notes and special communications from one of our Club ambassadors throughout the year. Our Sponsor a Child program offers a unique way to connect with a young person in our community, while directly impacting their life.

Sponsor A Child to change a life by clicking below TODAY!